Country Chic Home Decor


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  • CC-Bliss
  • CC-Cheesecake
  • CC-Cherry Blossom
  • CC-Cobblestone
  • CC-Cranberry Sauce
  • CC-Creme Brulee
  • CC-Dark Roast
  • CC-Devotion
  • CC-Elegance
  • CC-Fresh Mustard
  • CC-Full Bloom
  • CC-Harmony
  • CC-Hurricane
  • CC-Icicle
  • CC-Lazy Linen
  • CC-Liquorice
  • CC-Luscious Lime
  • CC-Midnight Sky
  • CC-Pebble Beach
  • CC-Perfection
  • CC-Rocky Mountain
  • CC-Rustic Charm
  • CC-Sage Advice
  • CC-Simplicity
  • CC-Tropical Cocktail
  • CC-Vanilla Frosting
  • CC-Vintage Cupcake

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Country Chic Home Décor Paint is a chalk and mineral based paint, as well as a clay based paint, both of which are specifically designed for refinishing furniture and home decor. Both of our fabulous paint lines are eco-friendly, virtually odorless, and contain no harmful solvents, making them safe for your health and the environment. Additionally, it’s super easy to apply Country Chic Paint and to create a distressed look. Once cured, it creates a very durable finish that will last for many, many years.

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CC-Bliss, CC-Cheesecake, CC-Cherry Blossom, CC-Chocolate Tart, CC-Cobblestone, CC-Cranberry Sauce, CC-Creme Brulee, CC-Dark Roast, CC-Devotion, CC-Elegance, CC-Fresh Mustard, CC-Full Bloom, CC-Harmony, CC-Hurricane, CC-Icicle, CC-Lazy Linen, CC-Liquorice, CC-Luscious Lime, CC-Midnight Sky, CC-Pebble Beach, CC-Perfection, CC-Rocky Mountain, CC-Rustic Charm, CC-Sage Advice, CC-Simplicity, CC-Tropical Cocktail, CC-Vanilla Frosting, CC-Vintage Cupcake


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